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Our Mission
Golden Points Productions. NFP is a non-for-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation built to assist those individuals who are unable to help themselves make the proper adjustment to life through mentors and guidance. Beginning a youth program called Youth Bubble has afforded GPP NFP an opportunity to connect with youth by providing mental, physical, social, and economic education for the purpose of enabling the community to flourish by addressing the needs of all age groups.The programs at Golden Points Productions, NFP enriches the essential fundamental assets of reading writing, and arithmetic, that will be mandatory in order for preplanned goals to have successful outcomes.

Since 2004, Golden Points Productions NFP has provided Delinquency Prevention Services to urban youth. Isaac Baker, President, and Founder of GPP was a product o the Chicago Lawn/ West Englewood Community used his experiences developing a deep passion adding corrective measurements to the problems of his community. Golden Points Productions NFP is dedicated to the principles and philosophies espoused by Mr. Baker, who felt that organized neighborhoods could solve their own problems. GPP believes that by enriching the essential fundamental assets of reading, writing, and arithmetic which is mandatory in order for preplanned goals to have successful outcomes. This is reflected in the organization central premise that local residents should be an integral component the resources available to assist community youth.Since it's inception, Golden Points Productions NFP has been actively involved in offering programs and services that support self-sufficiency of families and promote youth programs. GPP offers crisis intervention services, case management services, home visits, individual and group counseling, truancy prevention, job readiness, computer literacy and multimedia program


Our Staff

Isaac Baker X


Keyna Baker

Vice President

Matthew Muhammad

Sports & Activity Director

Keyvon Ellis

Support Staff

Jermaine Ellis

Support Staff

Dredell Shumaker

Support Staff

Executive Board

Golden Points Productions NFP's executive board is a combination of professionals working together to support our youth, impove skills, and aid in building confidence.  We work with community organizations to help demonstrate positive influences, building professional skills, creating job opportunities, and improving our educational and community resources.


Supporting this Organization

Want to support the programs?

We accept financial donations you may donate by Paypal, credit card or check by clicking the donate now box.  We all accept in-kind donations and resource support.  We thank you for your efforts in supporting our programs.  With your financial contribution, we are able to feed the youth healthy meals, provide a safe environment to play, provide access to second language skills, increase awareness of physical and mental health, support staffing educational training, and provide back-to-school supplies at the end of camp and beginning of the new school year.

What is Golden Points Productions NFP?

Golden Points Productions is a non-for-profit organization that is working in urban minority communities to support community members in building positive relationships, educational support, sport and team management skills, employment preparation, video and television production, and crime elimination collaboration. 

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Annual Report

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