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Participate with Golden Points Productions NFP in GP Giving, a National Initiative to encourage people to donate towards community needs.

Donating food,clothing,school supplies and monetary gifts will help us reach our goals.

Local community center West Side Youth Tech Entreprenuer Center (WYTEC)

collaborates with Golden Points Productions NFP (GPP) to begin a Stop-the-Violence Tour using an open mic rap battle to get youth to stop the violence in their communities and let their voices be heard. 

Caring Through Gardening

Empowerment through Education & Exposure (EEE)

Local Non-For-Profit organization (EEE) collaborates with Com-Ed and community leaders and members to create a brand new community garden commemorating Mother Earth.  Members of the community came out and planted beds of flowers and vegitation as well as decorated tires.  Participants received Com-Ed tshirt, a special lunch from Corner Stone Bakery, entertainment for families and a future food source from the community garden. 



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Forum on Relationship Education and Vulnerable Youth



A Night OutFundraiser

Community gatherings will be held throughout the summer of 2017 to establish new relationships between youth and local businesses.  As many of our youth are growing up and graduating we would like to help prepare them for the working world and being a member of community organizations to aid in the fight against violence. Prizes are needed and will be given out to participants in effort to raise funds to help families transition to the next step in their futures.  This event will also allow us an opportunity to thank and recognize sponsors and participants for community work.

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Basketball Tournament
All ages welcome

Golden Points Productions NFP would like to take this opportunity to  host a social for local non-for-profit organizations in efforts to collaborate and bring together all those who make a difference in our neighborhoods.  Bringing together all those who work hard to protect, provide and mentor our youth are welcome to attend.  RSVP's required.

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Reach Out to Chicago: Youth Service Club Leadership Training

Austin Community Chicago, IL., Saturday, May,2023

Community Clean-up.  Let's gather and work together to clean up our neighborhoods.  We will begin with garbage collection, manicuring lawns by cutting grass, weed removal and planting seeds.

Safe and Healthy Youth Conference Location TBD


Get ready for a good time filled with laughter and entertainment.  Youth will endure an educational, fact filled presentation followed by a comedy show, live entertainment from local artist, and an open mic opportunity.

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