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Golden Points Productions Lawn Care Services


*All Lawn Care Clients receive a free lawn care estimate. Allowing Golden Points to service your lawns and gardens will provide youth and others who desire work experience an opportunity to gain skills that will empower them for years.  We pride ourselves on professionalism and with making your lawn or garden a beautiful and tamed sanctuary for your enjoyment.

Basic Lawn Care

*Free Estimate


Basic Law Care includes:


Mow, Rake, & Pack Yard Waste

Weed Removal

Small Shrub and Tree Trim



Winter Services

*Free Estimates


Winter Services Include:

Snow Plow/Shoveling

(Does not include use of Rock Salt/or Deicers, or removal from property)

*Salting an additional fee, includes salting walkways, driveways, and

curb services.

Fall Services

*Free Estimate:


Fall Services Include:

Mow, Rake, and Pack Yard Waste

Maintenance of walking paths through garden areas

Cut Down overgrown weeds




Spring Services

*Free Estimates


Spring Services Include:

Clearing weeds from garden/yard

Mow, Rake, and Pack Yard Waste

* Preventative Services not included

* Decorative Services not included


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